Telephone Answering Service:

Take advantage of our Telephone Answering Services by forwarding your calls to Best Message Center whenever you do not have phone coverage or to handle the overflow from your existing phone lines.

Message Center Service

The trained operators employed by Best Message Center Service will answer all your calls, take detailed messages and relay those messages to you accurately, timely and in the format you request, be it via phone, fax, voice mail, beeper, etc.

Appointment Schedules

Best Message Center personnel are available to maintain your business' appointment schedule by directly making appointments with clients, and handling all cancellations and reschedules'.again reporting all additions and modifications to you in the format best for you.

On-Call Paging and Emergency Answering Service:

Be assured all relevant personnel will be notified of emergency situations with Best Message Center reliable and timely handling of all on-call paging requests.

Additional Services available through our Telephone Answering Service include:

Reservations Arrangements

Transportation Arrangements

Necessary follow-up calls

Out Source Your Customer Service with one of the area's finest outsourcing call centers.

Provide your clients with a unique 800 number for any of the services you provide and Best Message Center, one of the area's finest outsourcing call centers, will ensure all inquiries to those 800 numbers are properly attended to. Our trained operators will not only create a great first impression to your clients, they will also expertly provide necessary customer service for your company. Some of the many calls we can assist you with include:

  • Sales and Order Taking
  • Credit Card Verification/Authorization
  • Seminar Registration
  • Dealer Location Services
  • Product Information Inquiries
  • Lead Tracking
  • Brochure Requests

Business Solicitation and Survey Administration

Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing:

Using your scripting and/or specific guidelines, Best Message Center can expertly handle all your inbound and outbound telemarketing duties. Our staff will be trained to expertly promote the services and products your business offers. In addition our staff is available to obtain information on your behalf through the administration of surveys and polls.

Our staff are also available to arrange direct sales appointments, provide general product information and requested references on behalf of your company.

The demographics and territory covered for either of these services is always at your discretion.

Business Services

Customized Data Processing with "Hot Key" Data Processing

Pic-Pac Flash Fulfillment

Best Message Center can help you complete the daily operations of your company by offering customized data processing and pic pac flash fulfillment services. Our staff will accurately process any projects provided by your company, within the quality and time requirements requested. Please contact us for additional information.

Internet Customer Services

Best Message Center' personnel are also available to provide internet research to your company. Be it surfing the internet for specific information, reviewing like websites or the offerings of other businesses, we will provide you with a professional staff to expertly fulfill your requests.

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